About John 17 Ministries

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 strategically reveals both what unity is supposed to look like and how to achieve it. Furthermore, the degree to which we align ourselves with Jesus’ own prayer is the degree to which our communities will come to know who Jesus is and how much God loves them.

Founder David Drum describes his life as an employee of John 17 (the prayer), following God around town and taking notes. Dave’s life purpose is to invite people to the crossroads of grace, unity, and truth, to give life and impact culture.

The Bible talks about “dividing walls of hostility.” The world in which we live seems to be experiencing more and more dividing walls of hostility, despite more frequent calls for tolerance and kindness. In Jesus, dividing walls of hostility come down, not only because that’s His ongoing prayer, but because He made it possible. Whether the barrier is Jew/Gentile, denominational, ethnic, generational, or any other variety, Jesus chose to pray that the barriers would give way to a peace that passes all understanding. We seek to be part of the solution.

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