The following programs are designed to help pastors align with Jesus’ John 17 Prayer:

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Pastor Prayer Summits

Tucson has had three-day pastor prayer summits on Mt. Lemmon for ten consecutive years in the spring, starting in 2009. We added one-day pastor prayer summits in 2012. No single event does more to unify the Church than her pastors gathering together to pray for one another and for the city.

Pastor Partners

Apostle Warren Anderson began the monthly Pastor Partners gathering in the fall of 2012, during President Obama’s re-election campaign. The presenting question was, “Could African-American and Anglo pastors meet together out of their unity in Christ, talk politics, and live to tell about it?” The answer has been a resounding yes. For more info, email Apostle Anderson at

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Pastors’ Edge

Senior and solo pastors meet together monthly to support and pray for one another, as well as discuss best practices together. A new gathering for associate pastors is being discussed. For more info, email Pastor Glen Elliott at, or visit the website.

City Church Communication

The 4Tucson Church Domain developed a weekly Tuesday morning e-newsletter designed especially with church secretaries in mind, so that events of interest to local congregations could be easily shared. J17 Ministries is continuing this resource, with the addition of now also including columns on collaboration and unity. For more info, contact, or sign up HERE.