About John 17 Weekends

The Tucson John 17 Weekend is a 72 hour same-gender Christian discipleship weekend that emphasizes the essentials of the Christian life and walk. The weekend is intentionally inter-denominational and multi-cultural, and compliments the work being done in Tucson of unifying and mobilizing the Church. The weekend is patterned after Tres Dias, described below.

The weekends endeavor to bring Christians to a closer, more personal walk with their Lord Jesus Christ and encourage them to Christian leadership and action wherever they currently live, work, worship, and serve. The founders of the movement saw a world of great need around them. They knew that the answer to the needs of the world had to be Christ and His Grace; but they saw Christians who did not live for Christ, and they saw a church that was ineffective and without life. They developed the weekend to meet part of this problem by providing the local congregation with the people they needed: people who would have deep dedication to Christ and to bringing all peoples to Him, people who would take their faith seriously and make their Christian life conscious and vital, and people who would understand how to be part of a unified Christian effort.

The main teaching of the weekend is God’s unqualified love for each of us through grace. Each member of the community is asked to grow in their personal relationship with Christ, to study God’s Word and other Christian writings, and to express their love for Christ in Christian action.

If you want to find out if your community has a similar weekend already in place, visit tresdias.org. If you’d like more information about the Tucson weekends, contact Lisa Byl (artlisabyl@gmail.com) or Dave Strong (daveruns100s@msn.com).