• We will intentionally seek participants from multiple congregations, ethnically and denominationally diverse, and if necessary limit the number of participants from any one congregation or stream of the Church.

  • We seek to create identity and ownership in the entire body of Christ in our city, not loyalty to this particular format.

  • We will encourage participants to engage more fully in the lives of their own congregations as well as the entire Christian community in our city.

  • We are a Christian movement open to individuals and congregations who recognize the deity, humanity, lordship, and salvation of Jesus Christ.

  • We recognize the Bible as the ultimate authority in all matters of faith and life. One example of this principle, not because it’ s the most important but because it is arguably the most challenged in our current culture, is that we recognize marriage as between one man and one woman for life, and the only God-intended place for sexual expression. We seek to follow Jesus who came full of grace and truth and was referred to as a friend of sinners.

  • Content that is taught and shared on the weekend will be biblically based and locally relevant. In topics where various expressions of the body of Christ have different biblical practices, diversity will be respected and valued.

  • Men’s and women’s weekends are held separately. Husbands and wives are encouraged to attend weekends that are scheduled back to back. Exceptions can be granted.