“How can I be a part of John 17 unity?”

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One of the best ways to invest time in John 17 (the prayer) is to… wait for it… pray! Pray right alongside Jesus. If you want to know that your prayers are being answered affirmatively, praying what Jesus prayed is a great way to start. If you aren’t already familiar with the resource, If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed For It, grab a paperback or Kindle, and check out the first chapter for some very practical suggestions on praying with Jesus.

Also, J17 Ministries is forming a prayer team to cover the ministry as it develops. Founder David Drum will provide specific prayer requests and updates. Contact dave@j17ministries.org to join the team.

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Book Club

Form a small group to discuss either of the books in the Resource tab, or any other you find on related topics. The more diverse the group, the deeper the learning. Both books authored by Founder David Drum have reflection questions at the end of every chapter, and Jesus’ Surprising Strategy also has an eight-week small group curriculum that can be easily adapted to fit your context. Contact dave@j17ministries.org for a group discount on purchasing books, or for a free copy of the small group curriculum.



Visit churches with different backgrounds (i.e. denomination, geography, ethnicity, generation) from your own. Go to lunch afterwards with someone you met and share praise reports from your own parts of the body.

Every city has dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of parts to the body of Christ. And every community needs multiple networkers in order for 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 to become not just a theory, but a visible reality. Find a disconnected or loosely connected body part, and be part of the solution.

Are you passionate about a particular program that is increasing harmony within the body of Christ, and helping the Body mature? Become a “unity evangelist” and invite others to join you.

Participate in any of the programs listed under the Tucson tab, or if you’re not from Tucson, look for or start something similar in your own city.



All of these opportunities are volunteer at the present time, and J17 Ministries will interview volunteers to ensure a good fit. Submit your questions or interest in serving regarding any of these opportunities HERE.

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