“What is 4Tucson and how does it relate to j17 Ministries?”

Note from J17 Ministries’ founder, Pastor David Drum: Since 2011, I’ve had the incredible privilege of working full time to see Jesus’ John 17 prayer answered in my home town of Tucson, Arizona. 4Tucson is the organization that made that possible, and I’m eternally grateful for the vision and courage of Mark Harris in founding 4Tucson. If you had told me in 2011 that simply by paying strategic attention to Jesus’ prayer for unity, a city could be impacted to the degree Tucson has been in seven years, I wouldn’t have had enough faith to believe you.

4Tucson has been remarkably effective as a catalyst in bringing various parts of the body of Christ together. The entrepreneurial spirit that so successfully launched 4Tucson eventually must transition to a more collaborative team approach, which has proven to be challenging. Those challenges along with many others resulted in several members of the 4Tucson team moving on to other ministries in the fall of 2018, including myself. 4Tucson has hired a consultant to help them navigate the necessary changes, and both the organization and its amazing staff have my love, support, and prayers. See www.4Tucson.com for more information on this ministry.

Many of the programs listed in this section were developed through my role as Church Domain Director of 4Tucson. Some will operate under J17 Ministries, while others may continue under the organizational umbrella of 4Tucson. 4Tucson’s capacity and direction will become clearer in future months. Some of that clarity will be communicated through a new weekly e-newsletter designed especially for churches to pass along to their congregations. See the bottom of the page to sign up for that free e-newsletter.

Whether we in J17 Ministries take a lead role or support role makes no difference to me. (I’ve never forgotten the plaque on my pastor’s wall when I was in college: “Isn’t it amazing how much can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit?”) What matters is that the work God began in our city continues and expands, which it will.